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Development trends of the printing industry in the current context
Development trends of the printing industry in the current context
Update 2022-12-16 16:30:48
The printing industry has been around for a long time. Over time with strong development, the printing industry has made great strides with many different printing technologies.
The development of technology has impacted almost all professions and areas of life. In which the printing and publishing industry is affected quite a lot: E-newspapers replace printed newspapers, e-books replace traditional books, publications used for advertising are also replaced by online advertising, … These things gradually become the general trend of society because of their low cost, higher efficiency and more environmental friendliness.

The decline of the printing and publishing industry is an inevitable consequence in the future, when printing in large quantities will be limited and instead printed on demand. In the world and in Vietnam, initially the printing industry in general and digital printing in particular have made improvements to match the trend, when the demand for printing is always there and will not be lost.

Let's take a look at some popular printed products and future development directions:
- The number of catalogs is gradually decreasing due to the fact that advertising has changed to online advertising, but it is still a necessary publication when introducing products to customers or in conferences and exhibitions.
- Personalized flyers or brochures, printed with variable content to send to each customer and household. This form will achieve higher efficiency because sending the recipient's name, increasing the solemnity.
- Envelopes, invitations, name cards: printed in smaller quantities, the trend is to switch to art paper, high-grade paper to increase aesthetics.
- Recycled paper packaging, single-use packaging will take the throne instead of plastic packaging and traditional packaging. This benefits both users and packaging manufacturers.

In general, the digital printing industry is gradually taking the market share of other printing industries. However, digital printing still has some limitations compared to traditional printing such as the efficiency of printing data unchanged in large quantities, limiting the size of printed sheets, etc. Therefore, in the transition period between the general trend. , the most successful is still the combination of digital printing and traditional printing technologies.

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