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10 basic printing techniques in today's printing industry
10 basic printing techniques in today's printing industry
Update 2022-12-16 16:26:16

1.1.In1. Print AB

Is a basic printing technique on two sides of paper with completely different content. After printing the first side (A), the entire set of zinc plates must be replaced to print the second side (B). AB printing costs more than Self-return printing because it has to produce 2 films, the printing work is usually twice as high. Commonly used for newspaper printing, catalog printing.


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AB printing is one of the basic printing techniques today.

2. Flexo printing

Flexo printing (flexography) is an embossed printing technique, the printed elements (images, letters ..) on the printing die are located higher than the non-printed elements. The image on the printing plate is inverted, is inked by the anilox shaft, and then transfers the ink directly onto the substrate through the printing press. Flexo printing is used to print products such as: printing cartons, printing decals, labels, printing films...


3. Silkscreen printing

Screen printing is a form of basic printing technique. Silk screen printing is a common name coined by workers from the time when the mesh plate of the printing mold is made of silk. Later, when the silk screen could be replaced by other materials such as cotton fabric, chemical fiber fabric, metal mesh to make, the name was expanded as screen printing. Silk-screen printing follows the same principle as oil-ink printing on stencils on the principle that only part of the ink is absorbed through the printing mesh, printed on the printed material because before, some other meshes have been sealed by chemicals. specialized use. This technique can be applied to many materials to be printed such as nylon, fabric, glass, clock face, electronic circuit, some metal products, wood, paper ... or used instead of painting method under enamel. in the production of ceramic tiles.


4. Offset printing

Offset printing is a printing technique in which ink-stained images are pressed onto rubber sheets (also known as offset plates) first and then pressed from this rubber pad onto paper. When used with lithography, this technique avoids getting water onto the paper with the ink.


Learn 10 basic printing techniques in today's printing industry

Offset printing is also a basic printing technique favored by many people.
5. Print proof:

Sample printout is used to test the color of the design file and how standard the printer's color is. Print proof boards are often used for customers to sign and approve the color of prints. It should be noted that the proof print is the standard for printing for offset printing in color not printed on color printers with inkjet or laser printing technology.


6. Lithograph:

Also known as lithography, lithography, is a method of printing on smooth surfaces. A similar technique has been developed for the manufacture of semiconductor devices and MEMS.


7. Self-return printing

It is a completely identical two-sided printing method. After printing one side, the machine will automatically return to print the second side.


8. Print Typo

This is the first and oldest printing method invented by the Chinese, but the father of printing is the German - Johannes Gutenberg. The principle of Typo printing is to print high, ie on the Typo printing frame, the images, words ... are located above, higher than the non-printed part, when printing we rub the ink across the surface of the printing frame, the higher elements will receive. ink and then when pressed to print, the ink will pass through the surface of the printed word and create the image or text to be printed.


9. UV Printing:

Is using UV ink in the printing process – When using UV silk screen printing ink, we will create many “ART” effects and print on many materials with high productivity & quality.


10. Print patting cards:

It is the printing work of the printers, namely, they adjust the 4 zinc plates to absolutely overlap each other and align the colors to match the printed proof board.

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